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Important notes for the examinations

In order for the examinations to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, we ask you to review the advice below. By preparing we save a lot of time. Class 1 certificates shall now also be registered in a new international register - EAMR.


- book the appointment well in advance (45-day rule)

- everyone with a class 1 certificate is asked to bring their passport

- bring glasses and the latest spectacle note if applicable

- preferably wear glasses to the examination, not lenses

- be prepared for a urine sample before the examination

- your responsibility to inform aviation doctors about your health (see EASAs regulations)

- bring a copy of your journal/medical documentation if there has been any issues

- lack of documentation can delay issuance of the medical certificate

Especially for all new customers

- bring ID, preferrably your passport

- print it and bring it to the examination

- remember: note all previous illnesses / injuries / hospitalizations

Follow the links above to current info and forms.

Call or send us an email if you have any questions.




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